Fashion Meets Tech: Making VinieO's Website

April 11, 2019

By Jack - Lead Developer, Webtrix

Category: Personal Blog, Fashion, Culture
Platfrom: WordPress

VinieO is a long time friend of mine as well as a local fashion blogger who is known for his buckstopping fashion within Kenyan social circles. We have had discussions in the past about him starting up a blog to showcase his fashion taste and give men a few fashion pointers while at it.

Last year, he finally made up his mind about the whole thing. He had several meet-ups and finally set up his blog sometime last year. I had a chat with him about his experience working with iExposure in three short question and this was what he had to say.

How long were you thinking of starting a blog and what stopped you from starting one earlier?

For the longest time, since I decided to take a break from Radio, almost 6 years ago, I had been thinking about starting a blog but I wasn’t sure or confident about it. Also I thought, I am moving away from the media spotlight and want to stay off any publications. It was one of those hard decisions I needed to make. Then one day I had an awakening. I thought to myself you know what? I gotta do this for me and me alone. It will be my therapy avenue – a space where I can do it my style and me alone. So after over 6 years thinking about it, I finally launched it and now have a blog.

How was your experience working with Webtrix and how did you like the end product?

There was no debate in regard to who I wanted to handle my blog and help me in the journey and that’s why I settled on Webtrix. They understood me and walked the journey with me from the onset and todate still do. Infact I am forever indebted to them. I explained what I needed and they went ahead and created a master piece. They also trained me on how to load the stories myself. They were patient with me and have been. I have recommend them to my friends who are starting also in this space. I would vouch for them any day any time.

How has the blog reception and what are your future plans with it?

The reception to the blog has been amazing infact overwhelming so much that I have been wondering why I was afraid of doing this. What everyone says about it is that the design and nagivation is easy which makes people comes back to it and they love the quality and content in it- easy to read. Future plans? I want to grow it into a bigger platform.

For now, I am loving it as it is.


We are enjoying it too. Currently, we are in discussions to take the blog to the next level by tweaking of overhauling the entire design and probably shifting from Wordpress to something more serious like Statamic.

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